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 You carry a lot of luggage? No, this suitcase only. Can I eat anything? Of course. Sit, I’ll serve to you immediately. Here you go, sir, and enjoy. Thank you very much. What happen to you? What are you looking for? Are you talking to me? Are you looking at me? Have you lost anything? Sir, don’t pay attention to them, have drunk too. Or you want to fight? Leave him, he’s disarmed. Remove, old. Do you want to fight? Come out if you have balls? Come out. He felt, when he crossed the threshold, that die in a knife fight, open sky and attacking would had been a liberation to him, a happiness and party. Then he felt that if he had been able to choose or dream his death this is the death that he would have chosen or dreamt.   And a drinker’s hunch. Drinker’s hunch, huh? 18 wheeler 2 I use it to predict what you’re going to say next? Shoot. “18 wheeler 2 is the only reason you’re still alive today.” “We don’t need loose cannons.” Right? You’re in Public Security now. Our motto is different What’s that? “All’s well that ends well” or something.