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 My sources have been unable to determine what they contain. He’s probably got someone on the take. He’s an exporter, not an importer. Yes, well, we’ll do that tomorrow, 24 Days in the Mall? No. A shipment just came in this afternoon. It could be gone by the morning. What are you doing here? I’m looking for Monsieur Muoi. He’s not here. He invited me to visit him here. I’m a British journalist. A friend of General Thé. Where is Monsieur Muoi? What is this Diolacton? We must leave immediately. Crazy British, they drink too much. He’s nobody, he’s no one. What are you doing? Trying to save your life. Go! Good morning. Can I help you? You’ve done quite enough already. Where’s New Games? He’s not in the office this morning. He does a lot of work at home. I know what he does at home. What do you mean? Ask her. She’s fixed him up with my girl. We can’t have scenes in the office. I know I am behaving badly. But I have every intention of behaving badly. This is exactly the kind of situation where one should behave badly. Could we please lower our voices? Why don’t you bugger off? Games, there is a lady here.