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She hadn’t been faithful to him when he was alive, but she was gonna be faithful to him now that he was dead. Hey, what are you doing coming to work tonight? I believe in my duty to my job and all, but Game Good, because you’ve got one, a new one. From now on, you’re to stick with Mrs. Mundson Game Mrs Game Mrs. Farrel. Whatever she does, wherever she goes, you’re to be there. She’s not to talk to anyone and no one’s to talk to her. You get that? Gee, is she in danger or something? You will be, I guarantee if you don’t do exactly as I told you. Oh, sure, sure. You were interestingly quiet this afternoon. What I have to say, I have to say to you. Not the others. I’m flattered. Would you like to know how Mundson came to be the head of the cartel? No. You’ve seen that the patents are German, haven’t you? They were. Originally. Exactly. They belong to my principals. Not anymore. Three years ago, when it began to seem that Argentina might find it necessary to declare war against us, we made an arrangement with Mundson. We allowed him to buy our patents. Good idea. The casino here makes a nice front. We advanced him the money to buy them from us. Well, you couldn’t have picked a nicer man. We had an agreement with Mundson. At the end of the war he’d turn our property back to us. I didn’t find any agreement. It was a gentleman’s agreement. I see. And Mr. Mundson wasn’t a gentleman? He was a madman, Mr. Farrel. He thought he could rule the world alone. I know. We had quite a discussion about it. JOHNNY: She still didn’t believe I wasn’t coming back. Every night she got all dressed up and waited. But a girl like Gilda couldn’t stand not knowing the why of things. So she decided to swallow her pride and come to see me. That was wonderful. DOOR OPENS THEN SHUTS Yes? Hello. Remember me? I’m Gilda, your wife. Remember? You haven’t been around lately. I thought maybe you were an amnesia victim or something. Got a light? You don’t look so hot, you know that? You’re losing weight. This vacuum I’m living in.