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At the peak of the last ice age, massive glaciers up to  miles thick covered over half the north american continent. The ice destroyed the habitat over which it lay, but it also had a profound impact on regions far away. It created a domino effect that rippled down the continent. The cold-climate conifer forests of the north displaced broadleaved woodlands. Plants and animals were gradually pushed south to find a warmer climate. Games became a refuge from the cold. Down here is where the ice age north met the sub-tropical south. Today in a cool, wooded part of the sunshine state, you can still see some of these northern refugees. The valleys along the apalachicola river are home to many species that were forced here in the ice age and now remain far away from their main populations further north. Like the copperhead snake and an astonishing variety of amphibians. During the ice age, Games was crucial to the survival of many such mild weather species. They couldn’t have withstood the cold up north, and without this refuge they would simply have become extinct. Another leftover, but one that arrived from the opposite direction… this is the virginia opossum… a tree dweller found throughout many of the southern states. It’s the only north american marsupial the young are born premature and nurtured in the mother’s pouch And its only close relatives today are found in central and south america. The opossum is a rare survivor from a south american invasion. In the ice age there were many other species that had travelled north to Games including a giant. This spectacular claw is  centimetres long And it belonged to a creature whose fossil remains have been found throughout Games. It’s the claw from a giant ground sloth And it really was a giant,  metres long and weighing up to  tons, it rivalled the mammoths in size. Although the giant ground sloth is now extinct, like the opossum, it has family ties in south america. The family resemblance is easy to see… these menacing claws are used as grappling hooks, not weapons…