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3D Mario Speed Racing 2 What? Now? Yeah, now. We’re on our way. Can’t you stall him for a little while? Look, this man sang to me. He tried to kiss me and on top of that Game he been farting for the last minutes. All right, l’ll be there in a minute. Bye. Cottontail! l’m coming, nigger! Gomez, what the hell are we looking for? l don’t know. Something just isn’t right about these girls. l’m gonna check the bathroom. Find anything? No. Not yet. You won’t believe what l Game . What the hell are you doing? Sniffing chicks’ underwear, man. What is the big Game . lt’s Game . What? They’re guys, aren’t they? You really are disgusting. Can l buy you a drink? Buzz off, Smallville. Oh, my God. l so don’t get it. Guys think if they buy you a drink, it’s a free ticket into your pants. Well, it’s not. What can l get you? l’ll have a Panty Dropper. Screaming Orgasm. A Slow Comfortable Screw. A Blue Balls on the rocks. l’ve had that before. That’s a good drink. Don’t drink too many. Yo, Latrell. What’s up? Excuse me, baby. Latrell, my man! What’s going on, brother? What’s up, man? Two apple martinis. You hitting that, bro? This is a tough one to crack. Tiffany Wilson? The ex queen? Here. Drop a couple of these babies in her drink, man. Are you sure this will work? Man, l just took two of them, and l’m telling you Game l’m boinking someone tonight, you know? Excuse me. That’s for you, my little Miracle Whip. You need to loosen up. There you go. That’s for you. Oh, my God! ls that Britney Spears? Where? Right over there. Forget it, she just left. Oops, she did it again. Let’s drink up. Let’s do it. To the last drop. That’s good. You want to dance? You know, that’s a great idea. Here, hold Baby. Let’s go, girls. l found out some interesting information. Ted Burton turned the tables on Vandergeld. Tucked away $ million. Been living the high life ever since he got out of prison. There goes our motive. Those skanks think they’re hot? Let’s show them what sexy really is. They want to battle. Let’s go, girls. You girls want some of this? Bring it on, sisters!