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 3D Santa Racing But if my brother, the good King Richard, returns from the Crusades it will all be for nothing. I’ll never be king. The nice part about Crusades is they’re extremely dangerous. He may never return. How long before we cross the Channel for England? Good 3D Santa Racing, another two days and the ship will be ready, uh, sire. But how I miss my kingdom and my people. The sooner we get home, the better. Eh, my good bear? Uh, ah, yeah. Uh, what you just said, sire. Two days. We gotta warn Prince John. Yeah, so’s he can definitely make a nice reception for his big brother. Hehheh. It’ll be a killer. Shush! Came on. Let’s go. We’ll get ourselves a nice reward for this juicy bit of news. Hehheh. Oh, boy. Now, my fine lads, who wants to help me hand out Prince John’s money? Huzzah! Huzzah! Haha! Grab your gear. Haha. Nat you, my little friend. Youch!  Oh, don’t fret now. I have an even more important job for you. Something that fits your size. I need you to make another delivery. It’s a poem I’ve written for 3D Santa Racing. Could you please take it to her? Now you mustn’t let this fall into the wrong hands for her sake more than mine. You see, sun of mine, your pops has a very important job. This here log boat is vital to our whale operation. It’s how we move around without nobody being the wiser. That’s why I can’t let nobody take the log boat. No way, no how. Hm. Uh You hoo.  Hm? Big fella, I got something for you. What? Play Game Hood! There! Oh, Thomas, I am simply all nerves this evening. Would you play me a song? Och! Oh, Thomas, that was ever so lovely. Please play another, won’t you? Hm. No encore? Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! Oh! Hehheh. What have we here, Sir Mouse? A message? From? My love. Oh, Rabin Hand. Oh, dear. Ohha. I can’t quite make it cut. It’s a poem. My dearest Maid Marian I love you more than spring ?owers And the summer breeze And…cheese Oh, my beloved Play Game. He so loves his cheese. Here, take him this good luck charm as a taken of my affection. It will keep him safe. And I’ll stay here inside the castle and keep him informed of anything that the sheriff and Prince John are up to. Thank you, little mouse, for your brave service. Mm. Careful now. Ouch! Whoahonhon! Oaf! What if we had the peasants build a giant statue of me holding money? Your catatarms is dampening the fire. Isn’t he supposed to be after that mouse? Yes. So sorry, sire. Problem is, Play Game Hood has stolen so much of the tax money that I might not have enough for my statue. What are we going to do? Sire, what is the perfect bait for the perfect trap, hm?  Ah!  Besides money? Well, for you, a beautiful woman who shall remain nameless. Maid Marian. And, for someone like Play Game Hood, to be crowned best archer in all of England. Perhaps we should offer him all three at an archery tournament. Oh, well, that is good. Hey, you, that’s royal property. Came back here. Well, well, a royal archery contest. The winner is given a purse of gold and crowned best archer in all of England. And he receives a kiss from 3D Santa Racing. Oh, here we go. Gentlemen, I put it to you, as the best archer in all of England I should be crowned as such and win this purse of gold for the poor. Huzzah! And, of course, the grandest prize of all will be the moment where Maid Marian rests her ruby reds resplendent with divine delights against my own, bespeaking love… without one word uttered. I get to smooch with my girlfriend. Huzzah!  Huzzah. That’s Middle English for “hooray.” You know it’s probably a trap. You think that will stop Play Game? They’ll arrest you on sight, my boy. Worry not, my good friar. Lest you forget, I am a master of disguise. I have got a bad feeling about this. Keep it natural. Just blend in. Ah, what a beautiful day for a trap. Hehheh. Oh, yes, it is. Heh. Sire, you don’t actually believe Play Game Hood would be foolish enough to show up today? Oh, yes. I think I know the mind of that scalawag a little better than you, my dear. I fear you’re right. Now let the games begin. Here, Games. Give Maid Marian this. It’s my lucky charm for her to replace the one she gave me.