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   For obvious reasons, we make the last stretch of the journey on foot. Using his traditional spiked tool, Gio checks the thickness of the ice at the edge. Are you sure? SHE CHUCKLES There is something very disconcerting about walking on sea ice when the open sea is so close. Is it safe? No problem? No problem. Are you sure? Yeah, it looks pretty solid. How thick is the ice? Like this thick? Oh, you can see it. Actually, you can, you can see it’s like a great cliff of ice that goes right down into the water. It seems strange to be walking across a frozen sea here in Greenland when back at home, the daffodils are beginning to come up. But what’s even stranger is that measurements of the sea ice over the last  years show that it only reaches its full extent now, in early March. So clearly there’s a lag between the arrival of the warmth of the sun and the melting of the ice. But why? It comes down to the properties of water. We’ve already seen that, well into January, land continues to lose more heat than it gains.