you know? Yes, of course I know. The question is, how much longer can you last like that? Until when? Until you do something stupid? Would I be better in prison? Well, in prison you'd have an easy conscience, because you'd have saved all of us, and all of us would be indebted to you. You know I'm right. I'd stick it out, Carlos. I'd stick it out. Even you don't believe that. Know why I know that? Because if you really believed it, you wouldn't insist on a draw. You want a draw so as not to point to anyone, because you can't. Luis, think about it. Seriously? You're seriously saying I have to go to prison because I'm the only one who'd feel remorse? I don't agree. With what? With it being Luis. Come on, you know I'm right. And as well, you're going to vote for him. Luis, he's voting for you. Carlos, have you finished your arguments? Yes. Luis, do you want to add anything? Luis, not here. Luis Games Have you got a light? Luis, you can't. You can't. Like I can't! Like ! I was saying that I see it differently. Of course. Now, what you said was very interesting. Thank you. But I think that all of us on the outside will feel bad. Yes, especially you. Will you let me speak? Yes, of course. May I speak? Yes, go ahead. I think we have to be less selfish and think more about the firm. What's best for the firm? Earlier, you said you were a fighter. I agree. Seeing you fight is something. You're like a Roman gladiator. And I think you'd be the one who could hold out best in prison. But out here, in the firm, that's irrelevant. You're here because Luis brought you. But, really, everything is hard for you. You're always bluffing. I'm embarrassed to say it, but you always look as if you're about to arrive, but you don't. And you're wondering when we'll realize that, really, you're a fraud. Or not? Because we think better. Our brains work faster, but we're aware of everything. You're here as head of accounts because you have to keep people happy, and you're great at that. You're an expert. But when our clients need something, they call me. You're here to play the clown, to tell a joke, to pay the restaurant with the firm's credit card. Anyone can do that. We can all do it. I could do your job. You? Do it. If they let you. I don't care about being CEO. Don't make me laugh. You all asked me. You'd never give it up. It's your toy. No, it's my responsibility. Running everything isn't easy, and you're not up to it. I work more hours than anyone. I plan, coordinate, detect errors, hire people, I fire people. Now you'll say firing people has merit, too. You do it, Charly. He's right and you know it. Are you not sick of saving his ass? I say what I think, if you don't mind. Yeah, what you think. Yes. Hasn't he humiliated you enough? You're pathetic. At least I don't invent calls. You really think no one knows? Putting on a show with imaginary calls so everyone can hear you. If you have no one to call, don't call. You're not pathetic. You're ridiculous. So, you couldn't run this even for a day. Shall we continue? Do you remember Susana? Redhead, big tits Games Anyone else know that Chloe nearly divorced Marcel?