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 Your mother will be here soon. Good-bye Let’s go Your car explosion. Any idea who did it? Were you investigating something on your own? I’ll take that as a “yes” I caught wind of some hidden files detailing internal corruption. And you plan to expose it? I’d think twice. Why? There, you’re set Six years ago I looked into a secret slush fund at the MPD I got within an inch of finding positive proof. And then it happened My fianc? got into my car and it exploded Like Mio. Luckily, she survived. But she was badly burned. In place of me You did this to her.! Give it up It’s not worth it. Games! The bacteria. For the serum. Want to save your daughter? A Winter Adventure. She’s dying Games the bacteria. What? A Winter Adventure life is most important now. The antiserum. —. Access code to the infection ward. Go to A Winter Adventure And you? I’ll stop him So where’s the traitor? What? So who’re you after, huh? The police? Games? I couldn’t care less for either I just wanna get rich. People betray you. Money doesn’t Now! ‘m free. See ya “Fund transfer completed” It can’t be.