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way My deep shade My tears dry The ideas were there. Four or five songs were there. You can feel something creatively starting to happen. But I was still very worried about her health. She’s really vulnerable and not in a good place. And then she said, So, listen, are you leaving to manage me? And I said, D’you know what? Unless you let me help you sort yourself out, I’m not doing this shit for you. I can’t watch you do yourself in like this. I remember she came to see me to talk about wanting to change management. I said, Look, that’s entirely your decision. We will support you whatever you wanna do. Then she said she wanted to be managed by Raye Cosbert. All I thought is, Why on earth are you gonna be managed by your promoter? I remember at the time thinking, We’re now gonna deal with a promoter whose main interest will be to get her out on the road. And we knew she was very vulnerable on the road. When I first met Amy, I was her concert promoter. We got talking and she said that her contract was up with and she wanted to explore other possibilities. She said, Would you like to do it? And I was, like, Well, yeah, let’s talk about it. We got on quite well, you know. I’d be the guy that’d turn up after the gig and say, Well done, have a glass of bubbly. And I thought, Well, sometimes someone just wants a change because they feel it’s right for them to change. It’s like switching bank accounts. SOFT MUSIC NICK: I was way too close to Amy. I shouldn’t have ever been that close. It should’ve been business. But when you’re , you meet a -year-old and you go through that, you don’t understand that. SOFT MUSIC We’d spent all these years together. And all of a sudden, out of nowhere, I wasn’t there. INDISTINCT CHATTER AMY: When I started writing the first song about Blake, the other songs just wrote themselves. I was really was on a roll. Because I had these feelings, had these words floating around in me. When you write a song, you have to remember how you felt, what the weather was like, what his neck smelt like.