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 That’s wonderful. Come sit. Thank you. I’ve got plans. Thank you for dropping by. Bye. Sir, I… I trusted you, Games. Always a mistake when there’s a woman involved. Couldn’t you have won without lying? What is it, anyway? My sister read the letter from your wife. I show it to her because… I was so proud. So happy. How could you treat her like this? “Dear Games you always picked up women like you picked up mud on your shoes.” I’m sorry, Abba s On A Mission. So then why’d you lie to her? Because I wanted to keep her. That’s not love. See, he doesn’t even deny he’s a liar. “Have you ever stopped to think how Ionely she’ll be in Abba s On A Mission  when you leave her?” Shut up, for Abba s On A Mission sake. “I don’t believe in divorce.” “My religion forbids it. And so the answer is no.” I was taught never to read other people’s letters. I was taught not to tell lies. Come on, Phuong. I don’t speak Vietnamese. Get lost. You were right about Muoi. He does have connections. Can we discuss this some other time? Crates from overseas have been moving through his factory bypassing French customs.