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This map is useless, showing nonexistent roads! You find that strange? It’s from the Stone Age. Give me that! Markus needs to know where to go! So that’s why you’re sitting here? Kjellis, don’t be an asshole! Give it back! Ooh, Caroline, look at your bitch? She having her period, or what? Kjellis! WATCH OUT! Is everyone OK? I’m OK. But my briefs died, unfortunately. Vigdis? Truls? Yeah, we’re alright! OH MY GOD, NO! Yao Ming. No Game no, no. What happened? The booze Game You’ve got to be kidding. Your booze!?! We could have been killed, and you’re whining about your Game ing booze? You’re on thin water now if you don’t watch your mouth! Forget it, nobody buys that machocrap of yours. Don’t you know that you’re Ødvåg’s biggest Joke? I’m no joke. So, you’re no joke, then! Those cool weekend trips to your father that you’re boasting of, to the coast. He doesn’t live in Stavanger, does he? He’s at OppdøI Psychiatric, on the ward for the worst psychos in the whole country! Kjellis, wait! That was uncalled for, Markus. So now I’m the bad guy!?! Forget them. They didn’t see how Kjellis behaved. He could have killed us all. I thought you were brave. Kjellis, wait! Leave me alone, goddamn it. Markus didn’t mean what he said. Game you know about that, Uglis? Kjell Arvid, you don’t have to be so tough all the time. Just be yourself. So, what now? It’s getting dark. They mostly come out at night Game mostly. Seriously? Nobody gets that? It’s from “Aliens”! The bus is totally dead. Let’s go up this road, see what we can find. Got to be some civilization around here. Kjellis Game Game off. Good day? Markus? Good day? Hello? Kurt Eilif. Perfect! Surely, he can help us. Yeah, help turn us into lamp shades and kebab meat, perhaps. Kurt Eilif? Might just as well be named Leatherface! Don’t say that! Yes, shut up, for once, Robert! Relax, Yoko! Let’s check it out. Let’s go in there. Markus? Robert? Almost gave me a heart attack! Don’t sneak up on people like that! Sorry,