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Acrobat drive If you win today you will lose forever. Hey, come on Game Best of luck Ready? Oh no Game Go go Mohit Shot! Go papa! Poor guy Game Service! The ball has to be picked up like this Game Game! Well done Game very good Game Well played sir good one. How were you Playing!? ‘ super PaPa super! I beat you in three straight games. Sports is my middle name. You lied, right? I hate lies. Ask Mayera. Papa hates lies. Where did you find this guy? There are at least seven boys in my file who’ve played national level football, Badminton, tennis and cricket! Papa please. You are hopeless yes, hopeless! Absolutely hopeless. Miserable. You must practice with me, daily. Chances are slim but if there is some improvement, we will see. Tomorrow same time, here. Sir tomorrow I have Game Tomorrow what? He’ll come papa Game he’ll come. Hmmm Game Get my kit, I’m going to the locker room. Oh god! I am telling you Game I’m not going to leave you, whatever he might do. Your Papa Osama! Oh yeah!? What? The staff has called me Game why? Please just come Game Sir.. Game a small farewell gift from all of us. Oh, what was the need for this Game Sir it’s just a little something.. Gursharan.. Game oh Game thank you so much Please open it sir, open it Game Ok Game Just a minute sir.. Here it is! What is this? Sir, your retired life begins tomorrow, right? ‘ $? You wont be going out as much, your movement will be quite restricted sir Game So? This is for your fitness. It helped me a lot Game one, two and three Game Amazing isn’t it Sir? Th th th thank you Game P p p please stop this Game Welcome Sir, welcome! It’s a strange gift.. But the entire staff got together for it. Now I must get them something in return, shouldn’t I? Sir, including the peons.. There are seventeen staff members Game How will you get something for everyone? Lets get one thing that is of use to everyone! How may I help you sir? These seem very big and expensive, can you show us a medium sized TV? Sure sir Game This way Sir, are you looking for a specific brand? Something cheap, charming and longlasting Game Breaking news.