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Dress Up Games What the hell Dress Up Game Oh! Oh, it’s just a crow. Dress Up Games It’s just a crow. Dress Up Games It’s just a dead crow. It’s a harpy. See for yourself, huh? Dress Up Games You guys get a lot of these? Dress Up Games You’d be surprised. Kinda, yeah. What does it mean? The harpy? It’s a harbinger. Of evil. It is a message from hell. Trust me, things are about to get very, very bad. Gee whiz. I am so sorry. There was a bumblebee in the car, and I just lost control Dress Up Game Oh, . Oh, ! Well Dress Up Game what should we do now? Now we wait. Now Dress Up Game we wait. Dress Up Games We need a doctor. Dress Up Games No. We need a priest. Guys! Guys. Guys! Yaaa! Have no fear, sir. Who are you guys? We are Dress Up Game team four. Why did you let them impale me with that umbrella? Do not listen to him! He is the father of lies! Ar You guys got this? Everybody cool? Oh, God! Here they come! Dress Up Games This is some shit! Dress Up Games Somebody help me! The babies are coming! Breathe, Vanessa! Breathe, Vanessa, breathe! It hurts so bad! Remember what they taught us in class! Dress Up Games I can see it! Oh, my God! Dress Up Games Oh, my God! Ar Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Dress Up Games What is it? Dress Up Games Oh! It’s a boy. It’s a perfect baby boy. Congratulations. Dress Up Games It’s a miracle. You ever seen a home birth before? They’re the best. Dress Up Games Honey! Honey! Dress Up Games Just one more to go! You guys, something’s wrong! It hurts so bad, this one. Something’s wrong! It’s Dress Up Game Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! It’s biting me! Arggh! Dress Up Games Focus. Focus. Dress Up Games Alright. Push! Push! Arggh! Holy ing shit! Oh, faaaa Dress Up Game Arggh! No, Jack! You must kill it, Jack, you must! Dress Up Games He’s my son! Dress Up Games He’s not your son! He wants to rise and rule the world for a thousand years! Oh, shit! Hey, guys. Dress Up Games Shh! Alright, y’all, I’m goin’ in. Hello, devil baby! Ain’t nobody out here tryin’ to hurt you. Everything’s gonna be OK,