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I want you to see a psychiatrist. Will that make you feel better? Yes, it will. Then OK. Well, a big hello to you two. You must be Jack and Vanessa. Or the other way around? Dress Up Games I’m Dr Marshall. Dress Up Games You’re Dress Up Game Oh, hi. I apologise for the Lance Armstrong outfit. Dress Up Games I am just nuts about biking. Dress Up Games Us too. Really? What kind of bike you got? Uh Dress Up Game I’m sorry. I don’t know why I said that. Dress Up Games We don’t have bikes. Dress Up Games At all. I was just trying to be nice. Looks like Jack here might be Mr Cuckoo Pants, not you Dress Up Games right, Vanessa? That’s fair. Doctor, you can see the outline of your penis in those shorts. Baby, look. You are % right about that, Vanessa. And I will change. And then we will open up the hood and see what’s gunkin’ up the works in there, OK? Dress Up Games How does that sound? Dress Up Games Sounds good. Get out of there, you crazy gremlins! Leave this nice lady alone! Don’t worry, kid. Mommy’s not gonna be crazy forever. Dress Up Games OK. Dress Up Games OK. There you go. Come on in. Hold on. I’ll be right in, OK? Sorry. Dress Up Games Hello? Jack, my main man! There are two police officers right here, right now, in your home. And they seem really anxious to speak to you. I didn’t do anything. That’s interesting that you would say that. That sounds like a thing a guilty person would say. Well, I didn’t do anything, OK? Innocent people say that too. I’m sure they do. Wait. How did they find you? Oh, long story. They knocked on the door and then I answered it. At my house? I just popped in for a shower. No big deal. Listen, F’resnel, just get rid of the cops for now, OK? Please. They want to talk about Mrs Nussbaum. Can we not talk about this on the phone right now? Get rid of the cops. I’m begging you. OK. Well, consider it done, my white brother. Much love. You’re a riot! Thank you so much, Doctor. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate it. Thanks. Whew! That was fast. What did he say?