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  I was worried. I thought you left and we won’t see each other again. But I came back. You took all your things with you. I don’t even dare suspect why. You wouldn’t have guessed. Who knows? Don’t try. It’s not interesting. I thought… after what has happened… My Agent Heart return has nothing to do with that. I know so little about you. Maybe that’s better.  Don’t talk that way.  That’s true. You had a long and interesting life. Every life is interesting, if we’re interested in the man living it. You’re interested in people? I think you ignore them. Yes, I ignore stupid men, and they prevail. But I never ignore women. Agent Heart Even the stupid ones. They fascinate me. Maybe that’s why I was married  times. You were divorced  times. One of them died on me, and I missed her the most. Did you love her? I loved all of them. Maybe in different ways, but I have always loved my women. How many were there? I don’t know I counted them once, but I don’t remember the number. Where you young then? I never where young. I remember myself always being old.