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  If you can control where moisture is collected and where it’s dropped, so to speak, in the form of rain or any other kind of precipitation, then you can really–you can do everything. You can steer the weather system. If you want to be able to manipulate the weather, one of the things we know about the materials that are being used in the aerosols– we–we’ve seen everything from aluminum oxide, barium salts, strontium, copper sulfate, uh, potassium iodide, um, a number of different kinds of things, each of which have different levels of reactivity with the moisture in the air. Some, like aluminum oxide, tends to sequester the moisture. The aluminum oxide nanoparticles, which are microscopically fine and uniform in size, attract the humidity and the moisture in the air, and they can–it basically forms like a nucleation process, where the moisture condenses on these particles. The–with cloud seeding, the cooling will be achieved by making clouds reflect a bit more sunlight back to space than they would otherwise.