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Air Attack Unleashed What’s it gonna be then? You won’t have it tomorrow, Richie. That’s the point. You’ll never have it. I’ll have it tomorrow. Yeah? How you gonna do that? Don’t worry about it. Okay? I’m gonna have it for you tomorrow. I’m gonna have it for you tomorrow at dinnertime. Dinnertime. So o’clock? Dinnertime is o’clock. Dinnertime is o’clock where I come from. Yeah? Well, I guess you come from America. I come from New York where it’s o’clock. You’re full of shit. You ain’t gonna have our money by tomorrow. I ain’t full of shit! You’re so full of shit. You’re so full of shit game You know what I’m full of? I’m full of sleeping pills, you pile of dung shit. So I’m gonna be long gone by tomorrow comes around. What are you talking about? Yeah, that’s right. I’ll be facedown in a puddle of my own puke by the time you show up here, okay? So meet me up whenever. o’clock, o’clock, I don’t care. I’m gonna be long gone, you understand? You in’ psycho. $, $, why don’t we just make it $,? Go yourself! Richie. Richie. I’m coming to see you now. No, that doesn’t work for me. We’ll just see about those sleeping pills. You come tomorrow night, dinnertime. You just stay right there. I’m gonna be long gone by the time you come around. I’m already in the building. What? I said I’m in the building, Richie. Bullshit! There’s a party going on up there, right? Yeah, Richie. Party celebrating the longest day of the year. Nah, there ain’t no party going on up here. Oh, yes, there is. They’re playing music up there. I can hear it. Yeah? What song are they playing? It’s a good song, Richie. It’s David Bowie, I think. Yeah, that’s it. It’s Five Years by David Bowie. I’m gonna shoot you in the face with a bow and arrow. She hasn’t come home. Mother hasn’t come home yet. Are you sure? Pretty sure. Okay. Well then, II guess I’ll try to make it over there in a couple minutes. There’s no smoking in the lobby, sir. There’s no smoking in the lobby, sir! Would you give me a ing break? It’s my last day on Earth, okay? Hello? Hey, hi, listen. Jordan? Yeah?