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GIRLS Kylie and Tanya. We’re collecting for the Give a Girl a Go appeal. MATT Ah, here you go, girls. Love your work. Thank you. Tightarse. E Here! You girls are doing a great job. Think! In a bag like this, this much cash. Do you think that a the taxi driver who gave you a lift is just some eccentric millionaire who’s driving his taxi for kicks? No. I didn’t think so either. Or what do you think, is it actually b some son-of-a-gun drug dealer who’s a little too smashed on his own merchandise to realise he’s mislaid a small matter of, what, say, half a million in used s? So why don’t we keep it? No! Because that taxi driver is probably navigating under water as we speak, and I tell you, I cannot swim! Calm the down. No-one knows that we have this. They find the taxi driver, they find us. I want it out of the house now. Bad karma! Come on, Matt. You want to leave Johnny, right? Knock at door Matt gasps Oh, my God! Of course! Whispers . Mouths He didn’t leave anything! You’ve got the wrong man! I didn’t find anything! TAXIDRIVER No, wait, no! MAN Boss? Why do you have to bullshit everyone? I didn’t. Oh, for sure. The flowers were for me! Screams Yoo-hoo! Mr and Mrs Toreador. Hi, girls. Hi, Mitze, Kitty. Matt and his machine. You can always tell a man by what he rides. MAN Hey, arse ers! Old, ing fags! MAN What the is that? MAN Waste of a good Holden. Piss off and leave us alone. Suck my dick, ya in’ dyke. My pleasure, darling game MAN Wa-hey! ..if I could find the tiny thing, I so would. What did he say to me? Matt gasps MAN Psycho bitch! off! You OK, girls? Aren’t you a little Ninja Turtle? Just young boys, letting off a bit of steam, darl. I’m sure I ed one of those boys last month. I need a drink. Come on. Bye, Matt. KITTY Bye, E. ! Oh, my God. Tinkly music box What the ? Do you know how much these cost now? Oh, he must have every model! Come on! You didn’t lock the door. Me You were last to leave. Gasps Shit! Shit. You said nobody knew. We have to go to the police. Stop screaming. I’m trying to think. MATT I’m sure that car is following us.