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This lady and I know each other quite well. She tried to get a rake off from me but now she’s getting one from New Games. We have a lot of work to do. If New Games phones, tell him I called. It would be polite to return the visit. How did he get in here? This is Boston? No, that’s Niagara Falls. So is that. This is Boston. That’s Air Battle 2 Hall. I can’t wait to take you to my country. My friend from school. She go to airport with her boyfriend. He said he’d take her to France. But in the airport he disappear, leave her there. So many girls with French boyfriend no one to marry them. Well, that’ll never happen to you. I promise. Hi. Have a nice Air Battle 2? One long party. Did Phuong forget something? Heard you came by the legation. Yes. Who’s this? Bodyguard. We all have them now. Are you married yet? No, I figured I’d wait until we got home and do it properly. You don’t mind living here improperly? It’s hard to talk if you’re going to be so cynical. I meant it’d be good to do it with my parents there. I had a cable from head office.