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 His brother Andy has made a career out of scaling heights. Trevor’s absolutely petrified of heights and I just I just thrive on heights. It doesn’t phase me at all not in the slightest. When we were kids Trevor was totally different. Trevor was into wildlife and nature and I was into going into people’s gardens and pinching things and climbing up trees. Trevor’s children Jack and Amy are equally fearless. I’ve never actually seen him climb this. No well I never have climbed a tree not properly. Maybe one day. Maybe. Before I’m too old. Well we’d like you to go on roller coasters yeah? On roller coasters? Yeah. Well that’s out of the question at the moment with me anyway. You can go with somebody else but not with me. Determined to get over his fear of heights Trevor has come to a clinic in Munster Germany. It’s the only place in the world that practises a radical treatment for Games. The treatment is called Flooding. In the Flooding procedure we try to take the the most difficult item for the patient and expose the patient in the most massive way to this item. And you get the most em impressive results by this way if you make the patient to do it yeah. The common treatment for Games is gradual exposure where the object of fear is introduced little by little. Flooding is the total opposite massive exposure to the object or situation you fear the most. For Trevor this will mean going to the highest point in Munster the Steeple of the Lambertie Church. Dr. Pawelzik will oversee this part of the treatment. I think Trevor will feel quite anxious up here. He could probably hang himself out here hanging above the height. I’m afraid that this bar falls apart and er in that case em my life would have been too short. So how will Trevor cope if even his therapist is nervous? For people with Games Flooding means living a nightmare. The decision to go ahead will be Trevor’s but once made there’ll be no turning back. I’ve never been at this sort of height before and I really don’t know how I’m going to react. Uhum. You are… And I’m absolutely terrified now thinking about it. What you have to accept is that you don’t really know what happens. I don’t. This is the anxiety level. If you catch the sight of a height then the anxiety which is you know somewhere near zero increases. Yeah. Will it increase forever? Really I’ve no idea. Em… The explanation is very very simple. It has to do with energy. You don’t have indefinite energy. Yeah? The batteries are empty. Yeah. What about the risk of dying? What you don’t want a dead Trevor on your hands do you? It’s not very funny really. No I’m not looking forward to this. It’s it’s great stress. Yeah. And for the moment we’re quite nice people but in that situation we won’t let you go. I’m going to put myself through hell. Very good description. It’s time to make up his mind. Trevor is given an hour to decide if he will go up the tower. I don’t know whether I want to go through ahead with this I really don’t. To be stranded in a sort of at that height. To go through all that emotion and that fear I don’t know if I’m up to it.