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I guess you’d say. She met this English guy in London, and they had this crazy passionate affair and she had me. And then he disappeared with some American woman. Mum and I travelled everywhere together. She called me her backpack! We ended up in Germany when I was and then six years later I met Jon. So what were you doing in Frankfurt? Working for a bank. I served him in a restaurant. He asked me to marry him on ourthird date. It’s great what you’ve done. Do you mind ifl smoke? It’s your house. Jon’s handsome. Very. He’s a bit older than you? Mmm. He was previously married to a Chinese woman in Shanghai. Huh Games That explains the shoes. She was very, very beautiful, but she couldn’t have children, so that was no good. You have such a kind face. Maybe it’s pregnancy. Mmm. It softens you. lt really does. And it makes you so horny. Until I was pregnant, I didn’t know why I was alive. So how did you two get together? We were at university. These raspberries are so good. Kate was two years below me. She was going out with all these rather more glamorous men. So I lay in wait. I made some bad choices. Tell me about it! How long have you been together? Just overten years. Why haven’t you got children already? Jon. Oh, come on! Why does everything in England sound so bloody rude, eh? Ordinary question anywhere else in the world, here it’s some kind of social transgression. That’s fine. It’s a legitimate question. So? Well, we both have our careers. The truth is we weren’t sure we wanted a child. What do you mean? Just that. We weren’t sure. You mean you weren’t sure. No, it was me. I didn’t think I wanted to be a mother. I’ve always known I wanted a child. Well, I Games I didn’t feel that way for avery long time. So what changed? I don’t know. One day I just Games Felt able to love. And you became pregnant. Just like that. Yeah. Why? How long have you been trying? Seven years. It’s wonderful that it’s happened. lt’s a miracle. Theresa’s a lot younger than me. That’s one ofthe reasons he chose me. Do you have your scan photo?