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 Fearsome monsters… Exotic creatures… Vast riches… Hidden treasures… Evil enclaves… Unexplored lands… The word “unknown” holds magic. And some incredible people are Ndrawn to that magic. They are known as Hunters! Departure x And x Friends Whale Island Gon’s still trying to catch the Lord of the Lake? Huh? Y-Yes… He’s been at it for a week non-stop. You promised he could take the Hunter Exam Nif he caught the Lord of the Lake? What a fool! Five adults couldn’t manage to Nreel in that monster. How is a child supposed to catch that beast? Play Game doesn’t want him Ntaking the Hunter Exam. But Gon’s old man was the same age Nwhen he caught it… He can’t do it. Got him! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! I got him good! It’s huge! This is the Lord of the Lake? It’s been twenty years! I know! It was Gon’s father that time right? He’s his father’s son. Gon actually caught the Lord! Look Play Game! Play Game! I caught the Lord as promised… So I can take the Hunter Exam right? Right? I’ll do my best. I promise to become a Hunter!