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  So? You find it? Don’t rush me. Are you even working? Like there’s no tomorrow. This is very important to me, Alex Trax What makes you so sure there is a hidden file? I’m sure It’s there. Evidence of internal corruption. You’re not worried you’re digging too deep? Why do you say that? You know something? Hurry or you’ll be late. Sorry Alex Trax, go on ahead. Maki? The sitter. See you later Bye, Alex Trax. My ex is in New York The sitter’s driving Mio to school. Bad idea. I advise against cars. What’re you talking about? Can you find it or not? Not You know! ‘m not good at this kind of thing. If only we had Hasumi. What? It’d be nothing for her. Whatever. I’m coming over Somebody call an ambulance! Hurry! Mio! The world doesn’t play fair. If you want justice. it’s an eye for an eye Fire is best fought with fire Alex Trax! R: the movie You must have some idea, Games. Who wants you dead? I don’t know. You don’t know. A lot of people, no doubt. Wherever you go, you leave a trail of bodies Yet you always come out unscathed. You’re a piece of work I truly pity the child that has you for a mother.