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She went out to fetch water and stood on a landmine. Her intestines were blown out of her body. Ma’am Game A government minister at home reported you a loose cannon, for supporting this campaign. Do you have any reaction? I’m merely trying to highlight a problem that’s going on all around the world. It’s been said though that you’re aligning yourself with labor party policy. Do you think that’s wise? Labor? I don’t know what Game I don’t know what you’re talking about. This is a humanitarian mission. It’s enough to make me burst into tears that Game Who said I’m a loose cannon? Mr Wonderful, come in. Mr Wonderful, this is Diana calling. My darling, they’re attacking you. Somebody in the house is calling you Game A loose cannon, yes I know. But did they print the pictures of the kids with all their arms and legs blown off? No, they’re making it looked like a routine hospital visit. Bastards. What shall I do? Use your power. You’re the most famous woman in the world. You don’t have to follow Royal Family Rules anymore. You’re divorced. So think differently, improvise. Alright. Improvise. Clear. I have to do this by myself. If I go with you, it gives them a chance to belittle me. Okay, keep to the path, no veering left or right. Yeah? Alright. Good luck. What’s all the fuss? They did this field already. An family worker was killed three months ago. Three weeks ago Game That walk would’ve been impossible. I’d been blown up many times over. Soon, all this land can be farmed again. And children play in the fields. But clearance is a lengthly and hazzardous process. Humanity’s only defense against landmines. Is to stop manufacturing Game Thank you. Something’s coming, fellas. Is it? Thank you Charlie. God, I miss you so much. My beautiful Game I’m so proud of you. You did it. It’s all down to you. No. Why do smokers always smoke after Games ? After the greatest pleasure in life Game It’s only natural to reach out for the second greatest. You should give up, you of all people should know that.