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Use half of this amount. How far do we have to go? Shut up and follow me. Just imagine. Without light, this place would be dark all the time. How sad would that be? You should use darker colors for the trees over there. This part should be lighter. Paint the clouds, too. It’s not perfect, but you portrayed light well. Here you go. Grandma! Grandma? Oh, it’s you. What are you doing here? I should go diving. Take me with you. No way! I won’t let you become a diver! All right. But there’s another way. I have it all figured out. Here, wear this. Will you be okay? I have all this equipment. Don’t let go of my hand. Okay. Don’t you like it? Did you really draw this? Who else would have drawn it? Wow… This is… Really good. You should enter this art contest in Seoul. Take a look. This is great. Is it really good? Of course it is! I don’t give out fake compliments! You’ll enter, right? Let’s do it. I’ll enter. I have something to ask you. Never mind. What is it? Let’s talk about it later. Hye-ji. You go ahead. Who is that? Just go! It’s so nice here. How did you find me? You abandoned me. You’re right. I’m sorry. Could you… Get me some money? Are you still at it? I borrowed some money. Why would I have money? The down payment for your house. What are you saying? You want me to become a thief? Not at all. Then… I’ll have to ask her myself. Are you crazy? Stay away from my grandmother! Your grandmother? Then… Just tell me where the bankbook is. Hey. Don’t be like this. I’m on the verge here! Hye-ji, what are you doing there? Grandma… I was at school drawing. I’ll show you. Okay. When you were young, people’s faces looked like squashed potatoes. But this is very nice. How did you get so talented? Are you hungry? Yes. Are you sick? Huh? Oh… At this age, you’re always sick. Eat up. The thought of leaving this house makes me sentimental. Seok-ho! Oh, you’re back. Why aren’t you opening the sea urchins? This is important, too. Look at this. What is it? Eat this if you get hungry. Okay. Be careful of cars and people