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All Heroes Fighting there till date no one knows how they died the case is still open in the police department these are the details of the house this, small girl,who died her name’s nithya eh? the lady’s name was smitha kid’s name? i’ll ask them to enquire the other day doctor prescribed right? inhaler use it when you have difficulty breathing you know how to use it right? i know ok i’ll have bath and come the watchman of this house was a total drunkard sir he only rented out the outhouse to them Micheal brother only used to come and go often the girl.. i’ve hardly seen her both of them grew up in an orphanage in madurai when i asked him, he said they left the ashram  years back it seems nobody in the ashram knew about the marriage either i enquired in the college it seems she came  months back to get her All Heroes Fighting application after that there’s been no contact from her side nothing’s clear here if we dont any clues the way we enquire itself will be radically different what if he himself had killed and buried her? he’s not that kind of a person sir huh? there are people who even kill infants! anu wouldnt have gone anywhere we’ll sure find her you first get out of that room, outside stupid thoughts’ll come to you should you keep to yourself First you’ve to come for work then only you will have some sort of diversion brother? brother.. what? inside something black some figure what are you talking about? inside no one’s in here go go the other day i went for this kottiyokam delivery remember? around . then there was some sudden breeze like something went inside me some sort of bad smell i… just freaked out can you please send pandi out on late nights? you’re okay right? brother? see if there’s any bleeding here? there’s nothing there this side? seriously there’s nothing nothing ah? all of a sudden he freaks out He cries thinking about the girl he’s asking to check if there’s blood in his back and all its so hard for me to see him suffering in the room uncle that.. All Heroes Fighting any news on the girl? but when we were packing at his place, there was no trace of a girl having lived there what All Heroes Fighting.