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All of them win Transfer Game Oh no, not again! Bloody Game Just a month away from retirement Game and they’ve transferred me to bloody Animal Husbandry Game Animal what? Husbandry Game It’s under the Ministry of Agriculture Game isn’t there one decent posting in my fate Game I will resign, today itself Game I’m going to write such a stinker of a resignation letter, It’ll shake up the whole Government Game you see Game Like you’ve sent any of the resignation letters that you wrote after the last six transfers! Ok! This time I’ll do it! I’ll send in the resignation Game you wait! Ok bye Game bye I love you Hmm.. so He’s very lumpy yam Game More than normal? Animal husbandry ya! Not fair no Game I know, poor animals Game But when he’s in a better mood, you have to come over officially, to ask for my hand in marriage. Hello Game I’m not coming over to ask for your hand! I can’t do this please Game Please ask for my hand Game He is old school. He’ll be happy, we’ll be happy. I love you. You know how to get me to do everything.. Game and anything just by saying ‘I love you’ I love you Game Ditto. Gursharan Game Dictation Game Sir, dictation Game now? We need to vacate this office and shift to Animal Husbandry, Sir! No, first dictation. Come here. Sir! To the Honourable Cabinet Secretary, etc etc Subject Game Resignation Game Dear Sir Game Gursharan don’t ever let your son do IAS. Sir, he’s very interested. He is fully preparing for the entrance exam Game But he’s just twelve Game Sir, only if he starts now will he be in the IAS. And he’ll keep getting pushed around like me! No Sir, my son is very bright, he will definitely reach the top Game And I’m not bright? No no Game You are very bright sir, you are shining bright. You came fifty eighth in the All India entrance exam Sir. Only if there was some smartness to go with the brightness Sir Game You mean, “fill my pockets then I will do your work” kind of brightness Game If I had that I’d have gone very far, right? Right Game Wrong Sir Game Filling of pockets very wrong sir. Hmm Game That’s why,