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  So how are you? How’s Kevin? No Kevin. Mm-mm. Maybe for a second, but no. Um, I mean, he sees Annie on the weekends, And he’s a great dad, But he’s He’s just not- Who’s not? You guys talking about me? Cheers. No. Not at all? No. Shot! All right, I gotta pee. Ohh. I’m done. Sophie? Hey. Benji. You’re here. Yeah, we’re doing Irish car bombs, Just drop a shot of whiskey in a glass of beer and chug it. It’s like a big shot, if you want to join us. Will you take me home? Soph! Sophie! Soph! We can’t. It’s all I think about. You want me? Jesus Christ, yes. Okay, I want you. Take this off. Take this off. Oh! Oh, yes. Just-just stop, all right? What the Games is wrong with you?! Just take me home. Oh Okay. All right, I’ll call ya. All right. All right? How was your night? Good. How was yours? Warren Beatty was on leno. Really. Mm-hmm. You clean up good, Flash Games. Oh, yeah, well I thought I’d try it on. Are we, uh, are we going somewhere special? No, not me. Lucy. Every year she comes on my birthday, And, uh, sometimes- sometimes she dances with me. I don’t want to talk to you.