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There’s nothing to pass. This isn’t a test. Relax. Be yourself. Okay. You are nervous, aren’t you? Why? Because you told me to be myself. Whenever people tell me to be myself, I don’t know what to do. How come? ‘Cause I don’t know what myself is. You like girls, Jim? Jeff. How do you feel about girls, Jeff? I love them. You got a girl? You bet. You have one girl? Yeah. No. Yeah. Yeah. I do have one girl, and I like her a lot Game but I love girls in general. You’re doing fine. Why do you want to go to the Air Force Academy, John? Jeff. Jeff, Jeff. I hear you. You hear me? I wanna fly. I wanna be a pilot. That’s it? I love my country. That’s all? Hey, what can I tell you? I gotta fly. Why? I like to go fast. I can see that. Only three tickets. In a month? in a . I was on the freeway at : AM. Alone on the road Game You don’t deserve the citation? No. Yeah, yeah, I do. I drive too fast. But I’m a good driver. Sorry. I’m working on it, sir. Work hard. Yes, sir. I will, sir. Are you sucking up to me? Yes, sir. No, sir. I Game What do your folks say about your heavy foot? Dad Game You know how fathers are. No, I don’t know how fathers are. Well, he’s not crazy about it. And neither is Mum. I can understand them. They don’t want me to get hurt. What about your folks? What about them? There’s nothing much to tell. My mum and dad, they run a garden nursery, and Game I love them. What do your folks think about your going to the Academy? They don’t know about it. I want to surprise them with some good news. Did I say the wrong thing? No. Not at all, comrade. I’m sorry. I don’t understand. Is that all? For now. “Jeffrey N. Grant.” What does the “N” stand for? Nicholas. Nicholas. You of Greek extraction Game or is your birthday near to Christmas? I don’t know. I used to hate the name. Then I went through this period where that’s all I wanted to be called, “Nick.” I thought it was tough. Now I hate it again. We’ll be talking again. Great! About something else.