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And looking at your friends Lukas and Adam, I’d say you’ve done nothing wrong. Was that OK? The last shot was a bit long, but apart from that, not bad, dear colleague. Hey, cutie-pie. A brilliant advertising ploy. Eight new inquiries this week alone. What’s with the glasses? It’s my new business look. Cool, huh? This stuffs totally disgusting, isn’t it? Maybe we should drink kümmel instead. Oh, she’s right. Your cousin never had much need for women. Why should he? He had me. How old is she? Doesn’t say. And by the autumn “Such wonderful news. Rachel and I are to marry! She’s agreed. Such happiness to be so blessed. I’m certain the moment you set eyes on her, you’ll understand. She is radiant, she is good, and she is the kindest companion.” She’ll have everything turned upside down in no time. Shan’t know where we bloody are from one minute to the next. Have you thought about the future? Hmm? Well, a home of your own? Why on Earth should I do that? Well, The position’s changed somewhat, hasn’t it? When are you expecting them? No doubt in his great happiness,