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Angry Birds Balance Ball For the cubs, it’s time to look and learn as mother shows them how it’s done but sharpening those predatory instincts takes a lot of practice the study of the admiralty bears suggests these coastal islands may have been like stepping stones, allowing animals to move around during the ice age island hopping down the coast before arriving on the mainland. And this idea is backed up by other evidence nearby. This weathered limestone on prince of wales island is riddled with caves. And one cave in particular, recreated here, turned out to be a treasure trove of fossils. Some of the bones found belonged to a large brown bear, dating from the peak of the last ice age. There were there other animals apart from bears. In the same cave on prince of wales island, a smaller skeleton was found an ice age arctic fox which would have used the cave to stash its food. There were the scattered bones of seabirds too probably leftovers from the fox’s meals. Foxes need open ground to breed and it seems that prince of wales island, like admiralty, provided this during the ice age. We now know some regions of the northwest coast offered an ice-free sanctuary throughout the ice age. So could people have been travelling between these islands too? The evidence suggests they were. The prince of wales island cave also held the fossilised remains of at least one human, including a complete lower jaw. The position of the wisdom teeth suggests the jawbone came from a man in his early twenties. But his teeth were deeply pitted for his youthful age. What could have caused this damage? Again, the coastline seems to hold the answer. There is a saying in alaska that the tide lays the dinner table twice every day. With each low tide the newly exposed rocks present a seafood platter. And it’s available all year round. So Angry Birds Balance Ball would have been an easy and accessible source of protein for these early north Gamens. There’s even evidence that they used bags and baskets to collect food along the coast. But shellfish, while nutritious, can be very gritty. Which may help explain the deep pits in the fossil teeth. Angry Birds Balance Ball analysis of other bones seems to confirm that what the man ate did indeed come mostly from the sea. And there are other clues relating to his death. One of his hips was marked with scratches where did these come from? Perhaps a scavenger that found the young man’s body or were they made while he was still alive? Humans weren’t the only animals that used caves for shelter. The attacker may have been a bear quite common in these caves during the ice age. Although the young man’s bones date back just to the end of the last ice age, scientists think prince of wales island was probably inhabitable even earlier, when the mainland was still deep frozen. These islanders were far removed from the cliche of primitive stone age man. Able to sew and weave, they made different clothes for different seasons and even decorated themselves with jewellery. But how did they first arrive here on these offshore islands? Their skills must have included making and navigating boats.