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My right eye, all black and blue. And my mother tells me, “Flash Games pleasant “take a good look at this picture. “your whole life, every time we look at you “we’re going to see this black eye. Your whole life.” Yeah. You remember him? Flash Games? Flash Games Gibbs. No. No, I don’t, Flash Games. To having you home. To Honor. All right. May you get on ‘er and stay on ‘er. If you can’t come in ‘er, come on ‘er. That’s a new one. Hmm. So, how’s Jason? Jay. Jay. Jay. Administrative assistant. Musician. Musician. I knew that, and, um, that- Musician. Musician. That sounds so fun. What-what does he play? We broke up, actually. When did this happen? Man, this is cold. Wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait. Wait. Sweetie where are you living, then? Um, I’m-I’m looking at a couple of places. Well, that’s great. Yeah. Yeah. Are you working, or You know what? Can we just skip this part? You know what, I’m your mother. These are the questions I’m supposed to ask you, so Mother away. You need money, don’t you? Yeah. Yeah, yeah. How much-how much do you need this time? I guess, like, I need, like, $,, That would be, like, first month,