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I didn’t even know she had a will. And are you aware that there is a lawsuit pending against the institution? I have no interest in suing anyone. Well, I thought you might be particularly keen on that now. Given recent unplanned developments? Life is full of surprises, Nick. NICK OFFSCREEN This is the reading of the will, right? And there’s no one else here? In accordance with your mother’s wishes, you alone are to be here when I give you this. I’m sorry to say this is all she left. NICK OFFSCREEN I mean, well, what is all this? Per her instructions, I have no knowledge of the content. So if there’s any way I can help once you’ve been through it all, anything you need, don’t hesitate to call. EXHALES HEAVILY He has it. And unless I miss my guess, he’s already found it. EVE OFFSCREEN How’d it go? Stay there. I’m coming to you. That file’s from her attorney. It’s, uh, papers and old pictures. And? What? Come on, just sit down. I want to show you something. Are you rich? Here. You see it? EVE OFFSCREEN See what? The house. Does that look familiar? Should it? Look, OK, guys, this house is not some ordinary house. This house and me go way back. It’s in all of my sketchbooks, in every story I wrote as a kid, and in just about every class where they ever let me draw something. Look, I’ve been drawing this house since I could pick up a crayon. Look at this. Same house. You see this circular window at the top? Yeah. NICK OFFSCREEN I mean, look at this. Same house. Age . I mean, come on. Look at all of these. EVE OFFSCREEN So you liked to draw the same house when you were a kid. Come on. Come here, come here. I need Game get up. Come here. Come on, get up. I just want to sit down. Get up, come on. I gotta show you something, Eve. You’re gonna freak out about this. Ryo, come here, look at this. This house has been in my head all my life. RYAN OFFSCREEN OK, so you used to draw it. Why are you acting all psycho? Look, Ryo, I’m still drawing it.