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It’s just a cracked rib. Please, sir, if you wouldn’t mind leaving out the back. On foot. By myself? Please, sir. Just leave. Oh, dear, oh, dear, oh, dear, oh, dear, oh, dear game Give me the painting. What makes you think I have it? Give me the painting! That is a superb Hulihee sans sideburn, I must say. I was admiring your Franz Joseph. Oh, thank you very much. I’ll have it on my wall. Jock? Oh, well done. What should I do now? Run, sir! Again? Yes! Run, I shall, like a bloody gazelle! The Mortdecai men have always been in tiptop shape, don’t you know? Fit as a fiddle! Oh, it’s burning game I game I can’t go on game Want to die game No, I don’t. Sir! I’m on the bonnet! Get in the car, sir! I don’t like it! Hello! Jockie! Advise? Get in the back seat, sir! Okay! Foreigner! No! Out you go! Oh, Jock! Don’t worry, sir. I’m all right. I am all right. No, no, man! My little sproutling. What? Has it been compromised? Well done, Jock. It’s a privilege, sir. Didn’t take long for you to make a mess of things. Oh, you listen here, you dogooder! Your Emil Strago just killed my garage man and physically assaulted my person. He seems to think that I have the painting. What have you found? Well, I will tell you that there is more here than meets the eye. No painting takes three months to clean, so I believe that Bronwen was working on the Goya and discovered something underneath. I should like to see her studio immediately. In the cars, quickly. Maurice, Oxford. Yes, sir. I’ve been helpin’ out Miss Fellworthy goin’ on five years now. Just keepin’ the place tidy and whatnot. You have been grossly overcompensated. Her lover was no help. Lover? Bronwen? Yeah, a Duke. No help whatsoever, randy bugger. “Love game your game Bunny.” Love your Bunny? A child! She spawned a child! The woman bred! What an odious thought. Don’t imbibe the crime scene. I found her here, sprawled over the table, with an arrow out of her back. Course you did, man, because the assailant fired from here. No, from the window. With a spear gun.