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Arms Of Revenge, Arms Of Revenge Game, Play Arms Of Revenge Games, Online Free Arms Of Revenge Flash Game

Game Instructions: WASD or Arrow keys to move. Space bar to berserk mode. J and K to attack. L to dash. I to block. Q to switch to gun arm.

 So what, Vigot? You said he did not. By the way, we found New Games’s dog. They cut its throat. You see here? New Games’s dog had cement between its toes. This was poured on the afternoon of his murder. So what does that prove? And the patron of the Games  Moulin told me that night you asked for a table for one. Not two. I have nothing more to add to my original statement. Nothing? You know I didn’t kill him, Arms Of Revenge. There’s a war on. People are dying every day. Ask another girl. I don’t want another girl. Will you come back now, Arms Of Revenge? Will you come back to me? To London? No. Not to London. Then I don’t come back. Please. I… I can’t take you to London. Because I’m not going. I’m not leaving you. Never. Will you come back to me? Will you take down my hair? Yes. Do you miss him? Yes. I’m sorry. Why are you sorry? I don’t know. I just feel that… I ought to apologise to… someone.