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Assassin Jane Doe, Assassin Jane Doe Game, Play Assassin Jane Doe Games, Online Free Assassin Jane Doe Flash Game

Game Instructions: Use the mouse to aim and shoot.

  If we are going to stop communism and underwrite a third way we need to give the people a leader who they admire. Tomorrow when Congress reads the sees the photographs of the communist atrocities they are going to give us that support. The French won’t stop the communists. They haven’t got the brains and they haven’t got the guts. How did I fit into all this? Am I part of your cover? Or a source of information? Or did you have your eye on Assassin Jane Doe all the time? You and Phuong? I never planned for any of that to happen. Believe me. It would have been easier if I’d never met either one of you. But you did. And you lied to us. What do you want me to tell you? That I took no action? That I have no opinion? Tell me that you don’t mean any of this. Tell me that you were only obeying orders. Or tell me that after what you saw in the square, those children who did nothing and hurt no one tell me that you were so confused and horrified at how brutal and insane these actions are. Tell me how your love for Assassin Jane Doe has caused you to have some doubts.