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.she can also come here with her mother But you’re not going there! Why not? l said you’re not going, it means you’re not going That’s it! But why can’t l go? What’s going to happen? l’ve been hearing this since l was a child! Don’t go here, don’t go there, don’t do this, don’t do that. .don’t go to the city with yourfriends! Forget the city, you don’t even allow me to go beyond the river. Why? Now you’ve become so big that l have to give explanations to you? You’ll have to tell today, Grandma! Why do you keep stopping me? Why can’t l go anywhere? Because l don’t want to lose you So what do you want then? Cut me off from the world and keep looking at yourface forever? Bang my head on trees and mountains all my life.? You want me to be alone all my life? ls that what you want? But l can’t do l that, Grandma! l have my own life too. .my own dreams. l too want to achieve something! l want an identity for myself! You don’t want to lose me, even if l have to lose Priya You can’t see me happy l have always obeyed you.