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Hey man, thanks for coming. I don’t know, what’s going on? Oh yeah? How long? No, that’s fine, thank you. You’re the strongest, Christian. That’s why I came here first. Did you dress up games Do you remember the first time that you left? dress up games Yes, I do. Why Tuesday? dress up games Tuesday? The firs time that you left. It was the day before my birthday dress up games dress up games that was a Wednesday. I’m asking, why not Thursday or Friday? That wasn’t the first time. Might be the first you remember, but it dress up games Whatever, who gives a shit, why Tuesday? It wasn’t, it had nothing to do with you, Christian. Nothing. Okay. Do you remember what we got you? I remember that the gift, it said from Mom and Dad dress up games dress up games and that’s weird to read, you know? Because if it’s from Mom and Dad, then where’s Dad? Had nothing to do with you, Christian. I have something I want to tell you all. I need you to take me to your sister’s this weekend. Please. Oh dress up games Alright, you know what? I’ll drive you there. But the moment that you step out of my car, you’re on your own. But I’ll drive you. Great. Thanks. You can sleep here, there’s blankets behind the couch dress up games dress up games and there’s no smoking in the house. I quit, haven’t had a cigarette dress up games dress up games Great. There’s food in the fridge, and I’m picking Win up at noon. Great. Woodsman Supreme, I think. dress up games What? That rifle, that gun, that BB gun. I remember. That’s what we got you. Yeah, well, I don’t remember, so. Goodnight. Hey. Hi. Your buzzer’s broken. You ready? Huh? I’m here. I thought I’d save you the trouble of picking me up. Uh. Yeah. One second, okay? How are those coming? dress up games Good. dress up games Good. Hello? dress up games Susan. dress up games Yes. dress up games Christian. dress up games Yes? Question, would you have any idea why Kate might be standing. dress up games in my drive way with what looks like a weekend bag at her feet?