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It’s dirt-cheap. But the point is I can’t even afford to maintain the Bentley. I can’t even afford to fill its gas tank. If you’re asking me for gas money game No, Gaga, I’m not asking for gas money. The girls are both phenomenal students. And they’re not being challenged where they are right now. And if you really wanted to help, they would flourish in a private school. I don’t think that’s teaching the girls a very good lesson. Do you? No, I suppose not. Look, I’m sorry I didn’t take the Bentley. It didn’t make any sense. I know you’re disappointed. You should have taken it and sold it and then bought a crepe cart and made lots of money and then we wouldn’t be so poor. Sweetheart, although crepes are delicious, they’re not exactly the goldmine that you think they are, especially during a recession. Well, then, we could have sold the Bentley and just had some money. Gaga would have never let me sell that car. She was giving it to you. It doesn’t work like that. It’s hard to explain. It was our one chance to have something that other people might want. Nobody wants what we have. AMELIA: Daddy did something so amazing. MAGGIE: He did? CAM: Guess what I paid for this parking spot. MAGGIE: Oh, God! CAM: Absolutely nothing. MAGGIE: Well game You get what you pay for. LAUGHS We have a surprise for you. OK. That’s Jock! That’s our dog! AMELIA: Daddy got him for us! FAITH: Amelia named him! DOG SNARLS OK. Why game why is he acting this way? AMELIA: He was abused by his last owner. So any time Daddy leaves him, he gets really upset. Because he loves Daddy. ‘Cause Daddy saved him. CAM: We’re working on it. And this is the new car? It was abused by its last owner. But Daddy saved it. DOG BARKS Who’s a good boy? GIRLS: Jock! CAM: Jock, no! Wait! Wait! Girls! GIRLS: Jock! Jock! CAM: Jock! Come back! GIRLS: No! CAM: Don’t eat that! That’s it, Little! Whoa! Whoa! Get up! CAM: Get in there! Get in there like you mean it! Ah! Yes! Hey. Don’t those two little girls live in our building? AMELIA: Yeah, but they’re really mean. Mean?