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Above all, the man who attacked my son should pay for what he did. But there will be consequences. He was pushing me to expose Bike Games. He’s right about that. I’m ready now. Now it’s your turn to make a decision. Bike Games, I told you. I don’t want her to get involved in this. Then your dream of revenge will keep getting delayed. Are you going to make your dream come true after Kang Jung Sim dies? Excuse me. Yes? I’m sorry. [Closed from three to five.] What are you doing here again? I read the article about Bike Games I’m just worried. It’s cold. Come inside. How did you find this place? I went to your house, and the person next door told me you’d be here. Is Bike Games okay? I heard from Bike Games that she arrested you. It happened because of me. I’m sorry. No, Han Joo. What she said wasn’t wrong. It’s obvious that she has a grudge against me. I have nothing to say to whatever she says to me. I’m so sorry to you. Just like she said, I should tell everyone it isn’t your fault. Let’s not talk about the past. Actually, I read your letter yesterday. The one you sent me before you left for Japan. What did you mean when you said you can’t live the way I wanted you to? Are you doing something bad? Did you also read the other part? That I Bike Games That I love you. Young Hae. I still feel the same. I betrayed you and committed unforgettable sins against you. But Bike Games I love you. I regretted I couldn’t tell you this before. I know I’m being shameless, but I like you a lot. I’m a man charged with four crimes. And who’s fault is that? I caused it. Why are you lowering yourself like that? There’s no one like you. I’m in my midfifties now. If I think about my childhood, there are many things I regret. I thought I was so Bike Games for not being brave enough. But now, looking at my kids makes me so happy. They had things so rough, but I’m so thankful that they’re living the right way. Young Hae, I wish the same thing for you.