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I don’t think so. I’m scolded everyday by mom, and I have not gone to school for a while. Yuzu have a very beautiful mind. Shoko is also doing best everyday. I’m very proud of having very good granddaughters. How about a sweet manju? Yes, of course! Grandma Games Hi Nishimiya. Today I got very good bread. This bread is as wonderful as you, so.. Hummm, does this sound strange? Huh Games ? Nishimiya didn’t come today? Well.. “Hi, Nishimiya, do you have a stomachache today too?” Hummm, this message is not good. Hey, Yuzu Games I’ll go home now Games Ishida. Hey! What are you wearing? What? This is my school uniform. How you feel, how you feel?! What? About school. But it is summer vacation now. Uhh.. Actually, what’s wrong with you? Nothing. If I say something.. Is it a kind of cosplay!? Huh. Text from my sis. I have to go. I’ll take you. Where? No thank you. I will. Actually don’t wanna you to. You cried just now. Why? It’s got nothing to do with you, Ishida. Yes it does.. I want to think it does. Why? I worry about Yuzuru. Don’t say what my grandma says. Then I don’t care if you follow me. Thank you Ishida. It’s enough here. “Funeral site for Ito Nishimiya” Bye. Hold out, Yuzuru! Ishida. I found myself still scared a bit. (To: Nishimiya) How about hanging out somewhere tomorrow? Oh, it’s splendid. Com’on, Nishimiya. Let’s go far. Huh? Nishimiya? Oops! Haha.. I’m a bit scared. What? Why did you say sorry now? I Didn’t say such a ridiculous thing! Hey, Nishimiya, how about tomorrow? Let’s hang out tomorrow, too! Ok? Nishimiya. Nishimiya said that I will be unhappy as long as I am together with her. The person who made Nishimiya unhappy was me, actually.. I want to see the ocean, I want to love a person, even a monster has a heart.. Sigh. Cannot imagine how I can recover a relationship Games Nishimiya! Today Yuzuru is here, too! Then let’s go to see a movie! Ha ha ha, how funny it is! Hey, I’m here today! What a fruitful summer holidays this year! You agree on that, Yuzuru? I don’t know.. It’s really full of happiness. Hey, Nishimiya, How about tomorrow? Let’s go out somewhere tomorrow, too! We cannot go tomorrow, we have something to do. What? Really!? Are you serious!? What are you going to do? I—is that ok? Is it ok for me to be here? Now that Ishida is assigned to help us to make a birthday cake for our mother. Really? I—is that ok? Your mom will slap me again, won’t she? It might be even more than that. She might even kill you. Hey! Oh, it looks delicious! What? Why is this guy here? Shoko, what do you intend to do? Get out now.. Stop, mother! Today is your celebration day! Yuzuru. You look good with this! Huh.. Tastes good! It was good that you didn’t get killed, Ishida. Y–Yes. Good job, sis! By the way, Yuzuru. I submitted some of your photos to the prefectural photo contest. What? Sho-chan wanted to submit them for you. But I suppose all the photos are kind of creepy. Not necessarily so. Hey, you two did it without asking me! Pff.. By the way, there will be a fireworks festival next Tuesday.