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  So what time of year can you start driving on the lake, as opposed to boating on the lake? The season starts towards the end of January. It’s about  inches thick at this point. It just keeps getting thicker and thicker. So whilst the northern hemisphere’s coldest day is the th of January, here in Yellowknife, it’s still bitterly cold for many weeks to come. For the truckers, this delayed winter means their work season runs from late January well into March. Here, you can go for hours with your hands off the steering wheel sometimes. There’s lakes that take two and a half hours to drive across. People watch movies. You put a DVD player on your dash and watch a movie when you’re going across the ice. So why is the worst of winter delayed so long after the solstice on December the st? It’s all about the balance between the heat coming in and the heat going out. Throughout early winter, the northern hemisphere receives declining amounts of the sun’s energy, so it starts to cool down. But there’s a lag in this cooling, because the Earth’s surface loses heat relatively slowly.