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Awesome Hunter holding its ground in spite of the Turkish pipeline vote at the U.N. and the latest deficit news. Anika, your reaction? Well, surprised, pleased certainly, but this is extremely unusual behavior by the market. Commodities should be moving in the opposite direction of the dollar. You’d see a very different direction by investors as well. They usually waver from one day to the next Game Is work okay? Yeah. Yeah, it was good. Sorry about that. Yeah. So, you feel like a movie this weekend? Sure. There’s a revival of Sorry, Wrong Number at the Film Forum. I was thinking that might be fun. Uh Game Yeah. BOTH CHUCKLE Have you ever seen it? Um Game You know what I haven’t seen is the waiter for, like, minutes. Have you seen him? No. Where’d he run off to? Okay. So, should we go? Sounds good. Good. Yeah. Let’s do it. WAITER: For you, sir? Ah. Yeah, the lady will try it. Yes, I will try it. Thank you. OPERA MUSIC PLAYING GRUNTING GROANING CELL PHONE RINGING GRUNTS MAN SPEAKING RUSSIAN Sorokin wants to meet you now. CONVERSING IN RUSSIAN Ten minutes. Yes, Minister. I warned them of the outcome at the U.N Game Game it was entirely predictable. It was a mistake for us to force a vote. You started moving assets when the vote went against us, I hope? Yes, Minister. You understand the Kremlin must remain entirely distanced. Anything you activate must be selfcontained. Is it the hour for ‘Lamentations’? Lamentations? The Russian government is unaware Game Game of any such activity or operation. But of course. You want to go to Moscow? I think we have to. They’re unnamed, uncategorized, scattered all over the world. They’re hidden accounts, Rob. These are just the ones I managed to find. How did you find them? You pay me to look. Not to look that hard. Joke. You think they’re ripping us off? I don’t know what to think. Jesus H. Christ. You’re the compliance officer. It’s your call, but can I ask one thing? Don’t screw up the most lucrative partnership this company has. Please? I’m not kidding. Viktor Cherevin is completely unpredictable.