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Baby Hazel Food Fun Get out, boys. Get out! I can’t! Come on! Mac? Still here. Still here. Phil? If the japs are this bad, we might even win this damn war. Shit. Phil. Here. Mac. Did you see that surprise Mac attack? Came down on that thing like a goddamn dive bomber. Damn sharks were scared shit. He saved your skinny ass. . Baseball mvp. Kid from Detroit. Gehringer. Hey, Mac, get in the game. Mac? Mac? Still here. Still here. What are you gonna make for breakfast, zamp? It’s your call. Your mother’s gnocchi. Gnocchi for breakfast? Why not? Am I gonna die? Maybe, Mac. You think tonight? Maybe. Yes, sir. I think tonight. So you got your dough game And you roll it out. Just rolling it out. Good, no lumps. Phil? Hmm? I got good news game And bad news. Phil? Zamp? You okay? Land feels funny. Funny. Yeah. Stop! Stop it. Please, stop it. Colonel would like to know disposition of troops in Hawaii. I don’t know. Speak up! I wouldn’t know. I haven’t been there in game Is this you? You are famous olympic athlete. Colonel would like to know location of radar in eclass, b. We used the old one. Dclass. You bombardier? Yes. What happened to the marines from makin island? How you work the norden bombsight? You just twist two knobs. What happened to the marines? Draw norden bombsight. They were beheaded. ! Take off clothes. Kneel down. Kneel down? Kneel down! No, no! No, no! Phil? Phil? Zamp! Zamp! Phil? Zamp! This is Tokyo, right? Must be. I was supposed to race here for the Olympics game Before they got canceled. Yeah? I always wanted to come to Tokyo. Careful what you wish for, fella. Soldier. Soldier. Officer. Soldier. Officer. Good evening, old prisoners. Welcome, new hands. This is omori detention camp. I am corporal watanabe. You are enemies of Japan. You will be treated accordingly. Look at me. Look me in the eye. Look at me! Don’t look at me. Don’t look at me. New prisoners, you are not dismissed. You will stand a quarantine. We cannot have disease in the barracks. Evening, chaps. Evening, sir. Tom Miller, your barrack commander.