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Hye-ji… Which is bigger, the sea or the sky? The sky, of course. I guess you’re all grown up. Even when life is hard… If someone’s on your side, it’s possible to go on. I’m on your side, so live however you want to. I’ll… take care of everything. Hey, you delinquent. Who gives you inspiration? Inspiration? Draw that person. Are you going to quit again? I’ll give it a try. Good. Sir… Yeah? What is it? Can you… Confess something with a drawing? Hey… Do you have a crush on me? Huh? You silly girl. Turn off the radio if you can’t concentrate. That’s okay. Why do you screw up your eyes? You’ll get wrinkles. Because the sunlight is bright. Don’t you have sunglasses? Blind people wear sunglasses. Did you wear sunblock to protect your skin? I’ve lived so long that… My baby is nagging me. Why are you using so much of it? A small amount doesn’t work. Wow… My grandchild is taking care of me. Wear sunblock when you’re working outdoors. We should let it sink into your skin. Like this. I applied too much.