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Baby Hazel Thanksgiving adventure crow, I’m ed. I’m so ing ed. Let’s go. What the hell is this? It’s called a bowling alley. I work for the guy who runs the place. We can bowl for free. I don’t bowl. You don’t bowl? Well, this is all that I can do for o’clock at night, okay? It’s either this or the bar. You know what I mean? What are you doing? What does it look like I’m doing? I’m doing homework. Alright, so you don’t bowl. Okay, I get it. There’s other things to do. There’s food. There’s arcade games, there’s other activities. What don’t you understand about homework? Alright, fine, but you know game do you not ever have game fun? I mean, don’t you ever let loose? Gymnastics is fun. Gymnastics. Okay. So you did a triplebackflip whatever you call it but you did it with the face of an assassin. I mean, where are the smiles? You don’t smile. What about your friends? What do you do with them? I don’t have many friends. Is that what you wanna hear? Just me and Mother, and that’s just fine. You and Mother? You ever heard of the movie Psycho? You know, there’s always a test, by the way. Your whole life is gonna be a test, alright? I mean, sometimes I’d skip out, I’d not do my homework. Yeah and look how you turned out. Gideon wants to see you. Gideon would like to see me? Yeah. What for? I don’t know. Well game I have game I have my niece here, you know? I mean, I’m gonna game We need somebody to watch her. It’ll only be a couple of minutes. Get somebody to watch my niece or I’m not moving. I’ll watch her. Get somebody else. Look, I, I have to go for a couple minutes I’ll be right back, okay? You’ll be alright? Richie! Gideon. Who’s the, who’s the girl? Oh, that’s game that’s my niece. Oh, yeah? Yeah. Brother or sister? Sister. Yeah? How’s she doing? She’s in jail. Now that’s cool. Calls me tonight, out of the blue. To torture me, I guess. I haven’t spoken to her in years. You worked in The Devoe last night? Yeah. Yeah. I got this game I got this problem, Richie. I game I met someone recently, who changes the way that I see things. The way that I operate.