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 That stove making all of your favorites. Did you make these takeout boxes as well? Stop that. Stop rummaging around in that garbage. You’re just like you’re smallfingered father. We got plenty of food.  They had no place else to go.  Try to be welcoming.   Look at them.  Yeah, your arm smells like an animal’s butthole.   No, it doesn’t. Look at them, sitting up there in that ottoman like it’s a regular chair.  Yeah.   You smell like cow dung. [ The Turtles’ Happy Together playing ]d Imagine me and you, I do dd I think about you day and night dd It’s only rightd to think about the girl you love dd and hold her tightd so happy together. Hey, come out here and participate. You’re being rude.  Horse bite!  Ooh!Ha.  Gotcha on that. Almost touched me in my nozone. So, Mr.  Games, I understandthat you are a veterinarian as well. Actually, I’m a large animal vet. I specialize in horses, cowsSo basically, you’re a farmer. I think what everyone needs is a little more to drink.   Yes, hit me. So sorry I don’t have any moonshine. You know, you have a lot to learn about the country, lady. Yeah.  You have a lot to learn about the city. Bad Piggies. . . What’s our gourd situation? Oops.  Look at that. We are all ooooutoooof wine. Doug, do you wanna give me a hand? Yeah, yeah, absolutely. This is a disaster. Why did you give her more wine? I’m trying to get her from grumpy to sleepy. Well, that’s pretty dopey, Doc.  You guys should leave.   Yeah, okay. We can still catch the game, eat some Chinese food. Sorry for dragging you into this.  Whatever, man.   Hey. That’s not for you. Let’s go. Uh, uh, hey, what the hell is going on in here? Oh, we werewe were just getting to know each other. Two minutes ago, you hated each other. Well, our anger led to passion. Have you never seen a Bad Piggies movie? You know, it’s very much in spirit of Thanksgivingwhen you know Jesus, um, apparated the meats. Uh, oh, shoot me.  I’ve had three glasses of wine. Hey, dad, we gotta leave. We got other plans that I forgot about until right now. Games, Games, that’s so rude.