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 It’s ironic that this man made car park, made out of crushed oyster shell, should become a substitute. Skimmers raise their chicks on a fish diet. But they serve the portions whole, which can cause problems for their young. The increasingly human landscape of north Game can make wildlife spectacles a rare event. But there are situations when it brings nature closer to people. That’s exactly what has happened here at this power plant in florida. These are west indian manatees residents of the florida coast. People and manatees don’t usually get along. Increasing boat traffic has become a big threat to manatees and some bear the scars of painful encounters with boat propellers. But there is at least one place in florida where the manatees benefit from humans being around. Clean, hot water released from this power plant turns a man-made inlet into a hot tub. And during winter months, when sea temperatures drop below  degrees centigrade, manatees gather here to keep warm. It’s actually an artificial version of the natural hot springs where manatees traditionally congregate. But this particular location seems to be extremely popular. During the coldest spells, more than  manatees can gather here. With so many of these shy creatures in one place, the power plant has become a tourist attraction. It may not be the most scenic setting, but this is a unique chance to see one of the largest gatherings of manatees in the world. People have become dependent on industry to support their modern lifestyle. So too it seems has some of north Game’s wildlife. Every september, the skies over portland, oregon become crowded with vaux’s swifts. These birds have chosen a -metre chimney stack as a place to roost. Tens of thousands funnel down into the disused chimney, where they huddle together for the night. Vaux’s swifts traditionally roost communally in hollow trees, but as many of north Game’s forests are destroyed, they’ve turned to man-made structures. This mass roosting takes place soon after the summer nesting season it’s a chance for the birds to moult before they fly south for the winter.