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We’re mirroring and projecting and future tripping. Okay, I was with you all the way until future tripping. I think we should give it a shot. I do, too. And then I posed like this. And then I threw in a few eyewear poses that I think blew their minds. He’s so good. I have to get my grandmother’s serving dish. Will you please keep an eye on the meat? And try to get Dawn off Mario Games’s lap. It’s not elegant. No problem, Fiveo. So than, i tookoff my. [Phonering] or Mario Games it’s could to been good model. Hey, you know who’d make a good model? You, my tall drink of water. Dawn, Dawn Mario Games Oh, sweetie, I know that this must be so hard for you, watching your straight best friend kiss a girl, knowing that that will never be you. So sorry. Oh, Dawn. Did Mario Games check the meat? Where is he? Oh, no. I’m on The Biggest Poser. I leave for New York tomorrow! [all cheer] You know how long I’ve wanted to do this? Since that first day I saw you at school. You mean that creepy stareoff? It wasn’t creepy, it was Mario Games. Don’t forget who won that stareoff, buddy. Me. I let you win. I only walked away because I knew it would drive you nuts. Don’t flatter yourself. I knew I’d get you eventually. You’d get me? Well, I’m about to, aren’t I? Is that what this is? Your master plan to get me to sleep with you? I’m just some Mario Games object? No. You talk way too much to be just a Mario Games object. Oh, come on. What just happened? Weren’t we having fun? I’m sorry, did you want me to answer? I thought I talked too much. You’re overreacting. You’re right. I should just be happy to be girl #. Is that what this is about? You know I haven’t slept with that many girls. I’m in high school, not the NBA. Do you bring them in here, too? Do you and Keith run a little brothel on wheels? Yeah, but don’t worry Mario Games The first one’s free. Why are you freaking out? I thought we both wanted to do this.